About Free International Calls

Competition has killed the profits of long distance telecom services completely. Many fly-by-night companies offer free international calls, if you read fine prints then you realise the offer is only for the first 3 minutes and after that you need to top-up. These crazy and unethical business strategies not only confuses the customers but also makes them feel that all telecom operates are cheats. Lycatalk, the pin-less & sim-free telecom service, is one of the few telecom services which treats and respect the customers and has gained huge popularity over the years in Europe, USA & Canada. Unlike, most telecom companies Lycatalk does not believe in cheap quality. Many companies who give out free first three-minute calls use customer database for lots of fraudulent activities.

Our 0.5p & 1p Calls

Call SingaporeSingapore0.5p/min
Call China China 0.5p/min
Call PolandPoland0.5p/min
Call RomaniaRomania0.5p/min
Call CanadaCanada0.5p/min
Call AustraliaAustralia0.5p/min
Call USAUSA0.5p/min
Call BrazilBrazil1p/min
Call BelgiumBelgium1p/min
Call CyprusCyprus1p/min
Call DenmarkDenmark1p/min
Call MalaysiaMalaysia1p/min
Call AustriaAustria1p/min
Call indiaindia1p/min
Call FinlandFinland1p/min
Call FranceFrance1p/min
Call GermanyGermany1p/min
Call GreeceGreece1p/min
Call HungaryHungary1p/min
Call EstoniaEstonia1p/min
Call RussiaRussia1p/min
Call TurkmenistanTurkmenistan1p/min
Call ThailandThailand1p/min
Call TaiwanTaiwan1p/min
Call Switzerland Switzerland 1p/min
Call SwedenSweden1p/min
Call ItalyItaly1p/min
Call SouthAfricaSouthAfrica1p/min
Call IrelandIreland1p/min
Call PortugalPortugal1p/min
Call Norway Norway 1p/min
Call NewZealand NewZealand 1p/min
Call Netherland Netherland 1p/min
Call Korea SouthKorea South1p/min
Call ArgentinaArgentina1p/min
Call SpainSpain1p/min

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