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Immigrants have been a boon to most western countries in spite of politicians not accepting the fact openly. In many countries especially Europe and USA, immigrants have contributed to the economic growth even in the worst recession period. Immigrants worked hard and savea lot and they always look for better price in everything. This search for better price amongst immigrants has led Lyca group to launch many low cost products in Europe, USA & Canada; Lycatalk is one such product. Lycatalk international calling card service offers low cost calls from 17 countries, ie immigrants can make calls from 1p to their favourite destinations. Lycatalk is a pin-less sim-free service which can be topped up instantly.

call SingaporeSingapore0.5p/min
call China China 0.5p/min
call PolandPoland0.5p/min
call RomaniaRomania0.5p/min
call CanadaCanada0.5p/min
call AustraliaAustralia0.5p/min
call USAUSA0.5p/min
call BrazilBrazil1p/min
call BelgiumBelgium1p/min
call CyprusCyprus1p/min
call DenmarkDenmark1p/min
call MalaysiaMalaysia1p/min
call AustriaAustria1p/min
call indiaindia1p/min
call FinlandFinland1p/min
call FranceFrance1p/min
call GermanyGermany1p/min
call GreeceGreece1p/min
call HungaryHungary1p/min
call EstoniaEstonia1p/min
call RussiaRussia1p/min
call TurkmenistanTurkmenistan1p/min
call ThailandThailand1p/min
call TaiwanTaiwan1p/min
call Switzerland Switzerland 1p/min
call SwedenSweden1p/min
call ItalyItaly1p/min
call SouthAfricaSouthAfrica1p/min
call IrelandIreland1p/min
call PortugalPortugal1p/min
call Norway Norway 1p/min
call NewZealand NewZealand 1p/min
call Netherland Netherland 1p/min
call Korea SouthKorea South1p/min
call ArgentinaArgentina1p/min
call SpainSpain1p/min

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