How it works

Step1: Register & Top-up

Simply create a Lycatalk personal account by register your phone numbers – either landline, mobile or both.

Once registered your account, you can top-up your LYCATALK account using any of our secure payment methods below,

* For more details about top-up/pay your account, visit on our FAQs section

Step2: Dial an Access Number

Dial our service using the given access numbers.

Using Lycatalk PIN-less Calling within the UK

Dialing from the UK to all international destinations:

Service Access Number
Landlines and Mobiles
0207 132 0032 / 0207 784 6401
BT line registered with our service
18500 / 18747

* Calls from a payphone carry a surcharge, of 25 pence per minute.

Please check with your mobile operator for charges to dial the access numbers. Usually, 0207 access numbers are included in the free inclusive minutes plan but you should confirm with your mobile service provider.

Our price to call your favourite destinations is based on local access number, your mobile operators may charge you for using local access number, or may deduct your inclusive minutes (please check with your mobile operators for further clarifications), if you use free access number to call your favourite destinations, please add 1p/min with our price and if you use payphone please add 25p/min with our price.

Lycatalk Local access numbers are free from Lycamobile network in UK.

Using Lycatalk PIN-less Calling from Abroad

Shortly, we may have a list of access numbers you could use when you call from some international destinations – Please call our customer services for more details. Different charges may apply for using this service from abroad.

Step3: Dial the Destination Number & Follow-on Call

After dialing our access number, your phone number will be recognized by our database and prompt you to enter your destination number. (You will be asked to enter your unique A/c number followed by PIN if your phone number is not registered to your account).

Please enter your destination number as shown below,

For International Numbers:

00 + Country code + Area Code + Phone number

For UK Landline and Mobile Numbers:

0 + Area Code + Phone number + #

E.g. To call any landline in Manchester 0+161 +xxx- xxxx
To call mobiles just dial 07xxxxxxxxx.

Please DO NOT ‘select’ the destination numbers from the ‘contact list/phone book’ of your phone/mobile and press ‘enter/dial’ – by doing so the call will be made using your mobile operator’s network which may be charged at a higher price.

Once you are connected to the service follow-on call and use the following feature keys to enhance your LYCATALK experience.

## #1 #2 *3 *
Disconnect the current call
To re-dial the previous number
For balance on demand
Top up your account by phone
For faster connection

Lycatalk only charge for calls that are connected after entering the destination number.

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